Ginny Silvestro, CPT

Professional Certifications

•  NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) / Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS)

•  AED/CPR/ First Aid     •  B.S. in Physical Education     •  M.S. in Health

Meet Coach Ginny

Throughout my life I’ve always been drawn to helping people. It’s just second nature for me. When I decided on a career years ago I loved technology and computers but it just wasn’t the right fit. It wasn’t satisfying. I thought long and hard about what I was good at and decided to use the skills I had to make a change.

Being a lifelong athlete, it became natural for me to choose to be a Health and Physical Education teacher. I have over 15 years experience as both a teacher and a coach. I took a break from it all to raise my own children but now I’m back and raring to go as a personal trainer.  As a mother of 3 in the suburbs of Long Island, NY, I found a career where I can still fulfill my passion but also be there for my family.  My family is focused on health and fitness. I can help you do the same.  I’ve always strived to help others see the best in themselves and guide them to achieve more than they have ever imagined.

My Journey

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Disorder (PCOS) in 1998.  Throughout my life, this diagnosis has played heavily with my health, my body size, and my body image. Although I was always active, I'd say my true health journey began in 2011 when the extra weight I gained during my first pregnancy was playing into issues with fertility. In order to better control my insulin resistance that developed as a result of my PCOS, I began an exercise program with a personal trainer and altered the foods I was eating to a recommended PCOS-friendly lifestyle.  I finally began to feel good.  I was energized.  I was enthusiastic.  I looked forward to every workout.  I had so much success that I had not one, but two healthy pregnancies afterward.

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After my third pregnancy, my PCOS flaired uncontrollably.  It was at that point where I needed some intervention with a doctor.  So in 2015, I started all over again.  I continued for two years, fighting injuries, my uncooperative body, and my declining health.  I chronicled my journey online for all women with PCOS, not only to educate others but to give them hope.  Throughout it all, I discussed how fit doesn't have a size.  Your body shape and size don't define who you are.  Health doesn't fit a specific picture.  It was at that point where I decided that I was going to also become a personal trainer to not only empower myself, but empower others to live their best life while working towards their health.

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