Client Testimonials

One-On-One Personal Training Program

One On One Personal Training

"I have nothing but great things to say about Ginny. She's supportive, caring, gives motivation, positive feedback, and the best part is she knows what the body goes through because she's been in our shoes before. Recently I've asked her to be my personal trainer. She does home visits so you feel more comfortable in your own space using your own equipment. BEST decision ever. Since starting with Gin my confidence has sky rocketed and I've had many non scale victories as well as reaching some personal goals on the scale.

The workouts she gives are designed for the individual doing them and she works around any injuries you might have, while also keeping in mind to strengthen that part of the body in a lower impact way. She's constantly recommending delicious food to try (huge for me) and also reminding to drink water throughout the day... The groups are helpful as well because the support there is unmatchable!!!   I highly recommend everything about this program!"      -Tina S.

BE Fit! Programs

BE Fit! Brigade Custom Personal Training Plans

"I couldn't be happier with my decision to participate in this program.  It is the ONLY exercise program that I have stuck with, and the only one with which I have been successful. That's due 100% to Coach Ginny.  She's modified exercises because of knee and hip replacements, she is extremely supportive, very accessible, and always "checks in" - a truly wonderful coach and person!"  - Rena B.


"Ginny is amazing. She is very insightful and helpful no matter what my issue is. She wants her clients to be open, ask questions, and communicate problems with nutrition or workouts. She will work with you to create a plan and she will also work with you to fix things that aren't working. Everything is made for the individual, it is not a cookie cutter plan. She takes lots of time and energy with YOU in mind."    -Brittany M.

"Well I joined with Coach Ginny and so far so good. Slow going but I’ve made progress since January. I’ve lost 10 pounds and many inches!! My body is getting used to the routine workouts and change of food habits. Ginny has taught me A LOT!! She is super supportive and patient with me and just a great person who truly wants everyone to succeed at being a better version of themselves. She’s a great example of perseverance and success for all of us. We are all better people just knowing her."    -Christine S.

"Love the program. I get to exercise at home. Ginny fashions exercises to your personal needs. I am kept accountable for exercise and food intake. Have seen great results in a more toned and slimmer body. I am on my way to reaching my set goals."   -Virginia H.

Custom Online Training Program

Custom Personal Training Plans


"Ginny was so easy to work with! I love my customized program and how she responded to each of my concerns.  She is also responsive each and every time I reach out, day or night which I appreciate!  She helped me get back on track successfully and using the app to track my workouts and progress was so simple!"    -Kristen A.