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Strength and Conditioning Packages with Nutrition Advice

B.E. Fit! Brigade

The B.E. Fit Brigade Training Packages allow flexibility, daily accountability, group support, convenient times, and a coach to inspire you to meet your needs.  The BE Fit! Brigade is designed to work online as both a group and individual setting.  Clients are given the time and tools to build healthy habits long term.  Each workout program is designed based on your own individual needs.

Workouts programs include both strength training and cardio.  We incorporate the structure of NASM's OPT Model by creating a program based on building body stability, strength and power.   We ditch the idea of using fad diets and embrace the idea of eating a balanced diet for your body while including an exercise routine.  This package includes an online support system composed of clients and a coach.  You'll be provided with advice, information and challenges to help you throughout this health journey.

All workouts can be accessed online through your smartphone or tablet allowing you to workout at home, in the gym or anywhere else you choose.

For the B.E. Fit Brigade Training Packages, you will receive:

  • An initial phone consultation discussing your fitness goals and needs.  You'll receive an overview of the program (how to use it, what to expect). We touch on any medical issues or injuries that may affect your program.  You will also be asked questions about your current exercise and eating habits so that your program can be customized further.
  • A custom stretch/warmup program.
  • A custom cardiovascular program designed just for you. This includes written/video instruction on exercise type, frequency, and duration.
  • A custom strength training program designed just for you. This includes includes written/video instruction on type of exercise move, resistance size, frequency, number of reps, number of sets, and rest time.
  • Unlimited access to me via email/text/phone.
  • Online Peer Support Group
  • Weekly focus assignments
  • Mini-challenges - These take 15 min or less.  They are either fitness or nutrition related changes that focus on creating healthy habits
  • Fitness Nutrition Coaching
  • Healthy Recipe Recommendations

Your plan is evaluated weekly.  Throughout your program, we can make unlimited changes/adjustment based on your goals, progress, and/or equipment and location.


    • B.E. Fit! VIP 1 year membership – 1st payment $75.00, 11 more payments of  $45

    • B.E. Fit! MVP 6 Month membership – 1st payment $75.00, 5 more payments of $50

    • B.E. Fit! Novice 3 Month membership - 1st payment $75.00, 2 more payments of $55
    • B.E. Fit! Recruit No commitment membership – 1st payment $100.00, then $55 per month cancel any time with 30 days notice.


Strength and Conditioning Packages 

B.E. Fit! Online Personal Training

A personalized program created for you structured around NASM's OPT Model to completely fit your needs.  You workout wherever and whenever you like.  The programs are designed with your  personal health and fitness goals in mind.  Great for people with a busy schedule or for those who travel!

Access customized workouts from your computer or smartphone.  Bring your workouts with you to the gym or workout in your own home with your own equipment.

For the Online Personal Training Package, you will receive:

  • An phone consultation with me to discuss your needs, concerns, answer questions and get to know each other better.
  • 3-5 custom workouts a week including strength and cardio
  • Full custom workouts - either home or gym, or both with unlimited adjustments
  • Unlimited access to me via email/text/phone call/FB messenger for the whole 4 weeks!
  • I can answer questions, make changes where needed, offer support.



    • BE Fit! Starter Online package – 1 month package - $60/mo

    • BE Fit! Level 1 package – 3 month package - $55/mo

    • BE Fit! Limited package – 6 month package - $50/mo

    • BE Fit! Leader Online package – 9 month package - $45/mo

    • BE Fit! Master Online package – 12 month package - $40/mo


** Due to Covid-19 the program below in not currently available. **

B.E. Fit! One-On-One Training

A custom program created just for you structured around NASM's OPT Model.   The program is designed to help you meet your personal health and fitness goals.  We train together at your home using equipment you are comfortable with.   This is a wonderful option for parents who need to work around your children's schedules.  It provides weekly accountability, convenient times, and a coach to inspire you to meet your needs.

For the In-Home Training Package, you will receive:

  • An in-home consultation with me to discuss your needs, concerns, answer questions and get to know each other better.
  • Full custom workouts with me as your coach to guide you
  • Use of your own equipment and/or bodyweight exercises
  • Unlimited access to me via email/text/phone call/FB messenger

Now available! Spots are limited.  


    • In-Home 50 session package – $30/session

    • In-Home 35 session package – $35/session

    • In-Home 20 session package- $37.50/session
    • In-Home 10 session package – $40/session

Which package will you choose?

BE Fit! Strength & Nutrition, BE Fit! Custom Online Training or

the BE Fit! One-On-One Training... each is built to maximize your goals.

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