Fitness & Nutrition Packages

12-week BE Fit! Summer Challenge

THIS IS IT!  It's time to get your fit on!

This 12-week Fitness Challenge is self-led.   It's full of choices to fit your needs.  You'll receive 12 weeks of workouts - either 3 or 5 workouts a week. Workouts will either be bodyweight or dumbbell based strength-training activities.  Access all workouts in our private app either on your smartphone or tablet.  Keep track of your fitness progress on our app.  App also allows a space for tracking body weight as well as body measurements.  Here's how it works...

After a brief phone consultation to setup your program, you can begin.

Clients who opt-in to the nutrition program will receive a customized macros plan an will be invited to partcipate in a private Facebook Support group where you'll receive weekly nutritional information, recipes, lessons and guidance to make behavioral changes.  Also included is a 52-page NASM Essentials cookbook to get you started.

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